Scaffolding Services

Scaffolding Exeter


Our highly trained and experienced team can design and build access, protection and support scaffolding for any commercial, industry, retail and domestic projects. We also specialise in Listed Buildings.


Listed below are examples of the services we can offer:


  • Traditional Tube and Clip scaffolding
  • System scaffolds
  • Temporary roof systems
  • Scaffold inspections
  • Scaffolding boards (length to suit your requirements)
  • Anti-climb site fencing
  • Pedestrian fencing
  • Roof Guard/Edge Protection systems
  • Mobile anchor system (where a fixed edge protection is not practical)
  • Soft landing bags
  • FASET safety net protection for personnel and debris
  • Aluminium access towers
  • Safety decking fall prevention



Our services also include, but are not limited to, those listed below.


Listed Buildings:

We supply and erect scaffolding for all types of listed buildings and comply fully with covenents on these building types . We always ensure that required standars are adhered to when erecting scaffolding for listed buildings and we can even advise the best application for any listed building project.


Temporary Roof Structures:

Economical weather protection systems, providing protection and waterproofing to the structure or building whilst waiting for permanent roofing to be constructed. It can be supported by any system or traditional scaffold.



Suspended platforms that hang from the wall plate on the interior or exterior of a frame structure or off the roof of a building allowing top down construction.



For access to areas that require repair or construction without support beams. Can be erected over bridges or for residential instances, over conservatories for installation of glass panels.


Rubbish Shutes:

Project lighting and rubbish chutes at competitive rates, which include all necessary leads etc. Details available on request at primary enquiry stage.


Tree Protection:

We run environmental care policies in line with Local Government requirements and EU directives. We can supply tree protection scaffolding to protect trees during construction works.


Chimney Removals:

Removing a chimney is sometimes a dangerous operation and it is imperative that the right scaffolding structure is used to aid the removal of the chimney stack. In particular we pay strict attention to the safety of both the Contractors and Customer when removing the chimney, by providing safe and reliable scaffolding. This also gives peace of mind when removing a chimney in respect of not damaging your roof.



We have a highly trained and experienced team